Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $47 Billion

About Larry Ellison

Software mogul and world’s richest #6, Larry Ellison founder of  Oracle, has a net worth estimated at $47 billion in May 2017, according to Bloomberg.

Ellison is the highest-paid executives in the US, Ellison has gotten $960 million in compensation in the past 5 fiscal years, mostly from the exercise of stock options; he recently cut his salary to $1. Ellison’s fortune is almost entirely tied up in Oracle; he also owns a $580 million stake in Web business-software outfit Netsuite and is one of the largest private land owners in celebrity haven Malibu, Calif.

Ellison has 2 houses in Bay Area: Japanese-style compound in Silicon Valley and bay-view mansion in San Francisco. An avid yachtsman Ellison spent a decade and over $100 million on his quest for the America’s Cup, which he finally won in February. He beat his Swiss rival Ernesto Bertarelli, thanks in part to a trimaran with a rigid main sail longer than a Boeing 747’s wingspan. Now he’s deciding where to take the next Cup, said to favor backyard, in San Francisco. He intends to give 95% of wealth to charity.

Software mogul Larry Ellison at City Hall in San Francisco at the ceremony to celebrate San Francisco hosting the 34th America’s Cup. Members of the America’s Cup Event Authority joined the city leaders to celebrate the announcement that San Francisco has been chosen as the city to host the regatta in 2013.